The Bald Eagle

  • Teacher: This wiki site will assist you during your teaching. It was created to guide students throughout the planned unit. Follow all Instructions on the unit and lesson plans.

  • Launching the Unit

Day 1: Yahooligans

  • The Statue of Liberty

Day 2: Students will create a scrapbook from the day's lesson using Kid Pix

Day 3: VoiceThread - Students will read and post their paragraphs on the Statue of Liberty on the VoiceThread link below. Students will comment on other groups.

  • The Bald Eagle

Day 4: Students will use GarageBand to create podcasts about the symbolism of the bald eagle.

Day 5: Students will upload photos from the day's lesson onto this site.

  • The United States Flag

Day 6: Students will view the U.S. Flag Slideshow.

Day 7: Click here to download Skype for today's lesson.

  • The Grizzly Bear grizzly.jpg

Day 8: California State Symbols- Grizzly Bear

Upon viewing the link above students will browse/search at

Day 9: Venn Diagram

The Grizzly Bear & The Bald Eagle
Compare and Contrast

  • The State Flag

Day 10: Primary Kids Games

Day 11: Use the doc camera to display "foldables" created by students.


  • Social Studies Unit Review

Day 12: Symbols of the United States Webquest

Days 13 and 14: