Superhero Writing Assignment Grade 2
Most of us have a person who we admire or think is very special. I know that when I was your age, my special person was a neighbor for whom I babysat. Her name was Judy. She had many qualities that I admired. She was fun to be with, she made me feel more grown up and she helped me to learn new things like piano and how to sew.

Your assignment is to think of a person who you think is very special. You will write two paragraphs about that person. The first paragraph should say who that person is, why he or she is special, and what three qualities that person has that you admire.

For the second paragraph, I would like you to imagine that person as a superhero. Give your superhero a name and describe three powers that this person would have as a superhero.

Lastly, draw a picture of that person in his or her superhero costume. Be sure to color your picture and have fun!

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For more ideas about superhero powers, press play to view the Hancock movie trailer.


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